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Planning the  Wedding Transportation

Emotions, tears and excitement are the things that the weddings are remembered for, but in the build-up of the celebration of love, the couples face a lot of organizational and technical dilemmas. Often, there is confusion about how they should get to the wedding, what kind of transportation is most suitable and who should accompany the bride and the groom on the journey of their lives in considering who usually rides in the Wedding Limousine.

Hiring a Limousine for your Wedding

Many couples decide to hire a wedding limousine, which definitely has power to make the big day unforgettable. But, how the transportation should be organized, and with whom they should share the sweetest and most special moments of their lives?

Interior of the BMW 750i Limo

When deciding who will ride in the Wedding Limousine…

First, each couple should figure out how many people they want to transport.

The most common option includes only the Bride or the Bride with Father of the Bride.

The “family option” includes the couple’s parents. Often, the grandparents and other close relatives are also part of the organized transport, especially if the couple hires a chauffeured limousine with a capacity of 10 or more people. (Love Limo’s BMW limousine seats 10)

Another option is the “bridal party limo” – the limousine is arranged for the bride along with the females of her bridal party. Simultaneously, the groom with his groomsmen may join the party with a separate limo. If the budget is tight and the destination is close, the couple may decide to use the same limo in a way that the groom with the groomsmen will arrive first, and then wait for the limo to pick up and bring the bridal party.

Who usually rides in the Wedding Limousine? Father of the bride with Bride in Limousine

Father of the Bride with Bride in Limousine

There is no rule on how many limousines the couple should arrange to have – it depends on your budget. Besides the transportation of the families, the bridal attendants and the groomsmen to the wedding, some couples decide to arrange several limousines that will gather the other guests and drive them to the wedding and reception. Even though this option is costly, it is suitable for situations when the wedding is organized at a distant location, and it represents an alternative for renting a bus.

After the wedding, the couple may finish the evening off in a style, by leaving the Wedding Reception with a limousine, which represents a classy and symbolic way to introduce the beginning of their marriage.

Deciding on who rides in the wedding limo is a personal choice and budget must be taken into consideration.

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