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Wedding Guide for Grooms

We came across a guide for grooms from Imanscape we thought would be useful as there are many guides available for women, but not so much for the groom.

Their guide provides tips and reminders for the groom to make sure that they are well prepared. As they point out, men get equally nervous as women on their big day, however there’s less information available for the groom.

We all know it can be a stressful day for all concerned.  Here is an excerpt of Imanscape’s guide for grooms but you can visit their website and read the full content:

Getting into the Right Mindset

Don’t be the guy who lets his wife handle everything. Even if she says you shouldn’t worry about any of the planning. Show your commitment. Make sure she knows you want the big day to be special too.

Know Your Role in Wedding Planning

Every wedding is unique. They’ve listed some great tips on what you should know –

  • Take advantage of the rehearsal dinner
  • Toning down on the selfies
  • Choosing your Groomsmen
  • Refining the guest list
  • Unique first dance
  • Having an open bar

The fun side of Wedding Planning

Imanscape have some unique ideas to make your wedding day stand out and have some fun at the same time.  Here they discuss choosing wedding transportation, spicing up your wedding photos and of course, the ultimate honeymoon destination!

Groomsmen: How to take care of them

Really liked this section of do’s and don’ts.  They discussed activities you should consider doing before jumping in to the “fun stuff”.

Groomsmen’s Gifts

Some unique and fun ideas for Groomsmen’s gifts.  They suggest these are handed out at either the boys’ day out or at the rehearsal dinner.

What to Tackle a Few Days Early

It’s the small things you need to think about before your wedding day that you may not do so on a daily basis.  Looking, feeling (and smelling) good on your big day will make it the more enjoyable.

Making Your Groomsmen Attire Stand Out!

Lots of tips here for looking your best in your suit or tuxedo.  Even though they may be small changes, they can make a big impact on how you’re going to look on your wedding day.  They’ve also mentioned a few things to avoid.

5 Must Take Wedding Photo’s

When we provide our wedding limousine service, our bride and groom like to make stops for photoshoots to take wedding pictures.  Some fun ideas in this section with some great pictures of the groomsmen that will be remembered by them for a long time.

The Groom’s Thank You Toast

Not many people like giving a speech. Many people fear it, but as we all know, the groom will be giving one as the event winds down and here you’ll find tips on what you should say.

We think the The Grooms Guide to Weddings is informative and we hope that you’ll come back to us to hire your wedding Limousine for your Melbourne wedding!  Feel free to ask us for a quotation to hire limousine in the best and classiest BMW Limousine in Australia.