Why A Limousine makes the Perfect Wedding Car Hire in Melbourne

So your big day is coming up and you want everything to be perfect. From the flowers to the décor and food, these areas are some of the most hectic to manage yet relatively easy to get right. Managing and micro managing these little tasks to have that extravagant and unique wedding can be stressful. However, if you are bent on doing something different, more stylish and a notch higher than the usual, arriving in a stunning BMW limousine is the option to consider. Before you grab your phone and dial for a wedding car hire slow down and think about all you expect and really want.

Bride and Groom chose the perfect wedding car hire using Love Limo
Travelling in a limo will allow you stretch your legs, breathe comfortably and spread your gown so it doesn’t get creased especially if you have chosen a heavy type of gown. However, the best part about travelling in a limousine is you will have the opportunity to enjoy a grandiose moment in the spotlight arriving stylishly at the venue. With the staggering number of limo options available, you can even use this type of transport for your wedding party to the venue. Today limousines fit the wedding scene perfectly. They make just the right ingredient for a flamboyant entry at your special event and guests will remember the moment of your arrival for a long time to come.  Consider the following when you go about booking a chauffeur service for your Wedding Day.

BMW Wedding Limousine in Melbourne

Wedding Car

You may not need a huge fleet of cars to transport you and your wedding party.  It’s not necessarily the size of the fleet that is available; it’s about the quality and maintenance of the vehicles, the services provided, customer relations and the type of vehicles available in the luxury category.


You need a limousine hire company who is experienced with managing events such as weddings.  Look for someone who has the experience and good customer relations. With experience comes expertise and the chauffeur will know how to best handle any issues that may crop up on your wedding day.


When it comes to the cost of the limo hire service, make sure you get a breakdown of all the charges. Ask that they be transparent in their costings as you don’t want to get caught out with additional costs. Some limousine services charge on an hourly basis whilst others have packages available for the wedding. Work out how long you’ll need the limo for beforehand so you can compare the charges based on the hourly rates as well as the day pricing. Be aware that you also need to compare apples with apples.

Wedding Party Details

When discussing your wedding plan with the hire company, make sure you have the number of wedding party members that will be travelling with you.  This will help determine whether you require more than one vehicle.

BMW Wedding Car Hire Melbourne

No matter which limo hire in Melbourne you choose, make sure you do so while being prepared with the information and questions you need to ask. After all, it’s your very special day and you should plan an extravagant ride before you set out on your husband and wife journey.

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