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Love is Love – Love Limo Welcomes Same Sex Weddings

Same Sex Weddings - Love Limo supports LGBT CommunityLove Limo is LGBT friendly – When planning the perfect wedding and navigating through which suppliers are open to working with the same-sex couples to celebrate their love and commitment, rest assured that we will work hand-in-hand with you.

Same-sex couples have done away with gender roles, rather making up their bridal parties with people who love and support them.

We would love to help you make a statement and provide you with the best Melbourne wedding limousine hire you could ever want.

We have a very high standard with impeccable service and provide knowledgeable and friendly chauffeurs with our Melbourne limousine service.  We’re also very flexible and should you require something special apart from our standard inclusions for wedding limo hire, then just give us a call on 04775 04775 and we’ll definitely see to it that we can comply with your wishes. 

This is an historic time for the gay and lesbian community and we’d like to be in your supportive circle of friends.

More than 60 per cent of Australians have voted ‘yes’ to allow everyone, no matter what their gender, to marry the one that they love.

Love Limo Melbourne fully supports the legalisation of same-sex marriage.  Easy Weddings held a yearly survey, and according to their data, the vast majority of Easy Weddings users were supportive of marriage equality in Australia.  Of the 3,300 Australian couples surveyed, 82% believed that same-sex marriage should be legalised.

Choosing Love Limo as your Wedding Limousine Transportation

Love Limo services Melbourne and regional Victoria.  Our BMW 7 Series 750i limousine is the only one of its kind in Australia so you will surely be making a statement!

Love Limo’s 10-seater Limousine is ideal for the wedding party or to transport your loved ones. It is very comfortable, has entertainment on board with a choice of HD plasma screens with complete surround stereo or play music through your iPods or iPhones.  Check out our 360 degree video showing the luxurious interior.

We’re coming into the summer period and our limousine will keep you cool with its integrated digital environment control, complete with touch screen for easy operation.

You’ve nothing to lose by giving Love Limo a call to discuss your wedding limousine requirements!

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