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Limos – Over a 100 Years On

Automobiles have been around for a very long 243 years, the very 1st one built in 1769 was a steam engine. Then 133 years later came the first automobile limousine, built in 1902, it was designed so that the driver would sit outside under a covered compartment. 110 years since then, how do you think the limousines have changed over the last century?

Limos - First Limo 1908Well, we know the first limo would have looked more like a horse and carriage but upgraded to an automobile appearance. It had the covered seating for the driver who was not in the car like the passengers would have been. Limousines have taken on many different shapes and designs in the last century from the well-known six door limo to the ultimate or novelty limos some painted pink or purple most capable of seating up to 10 or 12 passengers.

Later on after the limo was built came the stretch limo created in Arkansas around 1928, a good 26 years later. A coach company named Armbruster in Fort Smith produced these cars primarily to transport famous “big band” leaders, their bands and equipment. These early stretch limos were called, “big band buses”. The power-operated glass partition between the front and rear compartments, powered windows and two fold-down seats in the passenger seating came in 1950.

The Chrysler Crown Imperial was the first model to feature disc brakes and was the largest car in the Chrysler line at that time. The Hummer Limousine first appeared in the 1990’s, along with advanced technology. The hummer limo is bulletproof and it is a top choice for celebrities on a night out. Hummer limos have a fully stocked bar lounge seating and dance floor, some even accommodate a casino. One big advantage with a hummer limo is that they can carry up to 20 passengers.

Nowadays almost every limousine if fully equipped with a bar containing enough alcohol to keep a party going for hours. Some will include fancy glasses made of crystal, counters with neon lights and some even a sink with running water. Another treat we get in lots of limos are entertainment systems, televisions, DVD players, surround sound, satellite radios, and free wifi.

Then there are the party bus limos with dance floors and karaoke, what’s next… mini kitchenettes? Other incredible details include crystal chandeliers, blinking lights, funky leather seats, intercom systems, and telephones. Some even feature on board hot tub! A hot tub, even knowing there are crazy limos with hot tubs it still seems unreal!

Can you imagine blinking lights or chandeliers in a limousine 100 years ago? I didn’t think so, it’s crazy just how far our amazing limousines have come, now not only can we drive you around where ever you want to go, it may be even more luxurious than a 5 star hotel!

Inside the BMW Limousine

Limos - 110 years on. Inside the BMW Limousine