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Your wedding day is usually the most memorable day in an individual’s life.

Memories of this day stay with you forever and are cherished for a lifetime. Perhaps that is the reason everyone who is getting married puts so much energy into making this as great a day as they can.

Hiring luxurious wedding transport is a key task listed in your ‘To Do’ wedding preparation list. It has become a trend to book the best and latest models of cars for the wedding day. Traditionally the groom organizes wedding transport for his bride-to-be. No matter who is arranging the wedding transport, there are certain tips you should consider in selecting your hired wedding car or limousine. Let’s take a look at these resourceful tips below:

1. Color and Model:

BMW Limo


These days, car hire companies make sure that they list every luxury car in their list of rentals. If you are hiring a wedding car or limousine for the bride-to-be, you need to put extra emphasis on her favoured color and model of the car. You can also compliment the theme of your wedding venue with the hire car. Suppose the theme color of your wedding is red, then you need to book a car or limousine in the color that compliments the theme.

2. Be Classic:

Wedding Day - standing beside the BMW Limousine

There are certain models that have preference. For example, a classic Limousine, which is amongst the most liked models in wedding cars. Luxury exudes from these models and that is why people prefer them over any other car for their special day. Other than the option of a classic Limo, you can also check out cars that are classed ‘elegant’ or ‘sophisticated’.

3. Examination:

BMW Limo Interior

It is recommended to always check the vehicle before you hire. Some models are just so used and not maintained that they become fragile and are actually not worth hiring. It is better to take a look at the car before you pay for it. Your wedding car is the symbol of opulence and elegance, and surely you cannot take the chance of selecting wrong vehicle.

4. Compare the Options:

Compare Car Rental Services

There are various companies providing car rental services; you just have to visit a few of them and compare the prices and offerings. Given the competition, there will be many key models in wedding cars to choose from, so just visit a few of them and note down, what they offer. You can later compare them and settle at the model and price you like the most depending on your budget.

5. Check for Security:

Classic BMW 10 seater Limousine

Ensure the hire car company’s chauffeur is fully licensed and the car or limousine you are hiring is covered by insurance. Don’t hire a car or limousine unless you’re covered!

6. Survey the Decor:

Demi Lopos Wedding Day Sorrento Sorrento May 2016

Wedding cars should have a clean, comfortable and opulent interior where you can relax and enjoy the ride.

Some wedding car hire companies will provide additional services and embellishments such as personalised ribbons with the name of the bride and groom, free champagne, soft drink and water and finger food for the long day.  Remember, it’s your day so you need to take into consideration all the options available to you and make it the best that it can be.