Imagine Arriving In Sheer Luxury and Style In This Exclusive BMW Limousine

Some days of our lives are so special and remain fresh in our memories as if it was yesterday. Be it the sweet sixteen party, prom night or a wedding. Every detail from your dress, the guests, the decorations, the excitement and the post party is remembered. We take pictures and put them on social media to share with friends. Now add a limousine to that memory – doesn’t that make it even more awesome? Turn the ride to the event location into a mini pre-party in a luxurious ride with your closest buddies. Limousines are a symbol of style, comfort, and luxury. Besides that, you get some complimentary benefits as well such as:


Your ride will be ready and only await your arrival. You don’t need to worry about reaching on time. All you do is lay back and enjoy while the limousine gets you to your destination.


The search for a parking lot is not on your list now. One of your buddies or family members isn’t busy driving or occupied with road safety. You don’t need to look up the GPS before every turn as your driver knows your destination and will try his best to get you there safely and on time. You don’t need to worry about carpooling either as there is plenty of space.You only need to wait for your spectacular arrival.


Limousines are spacious and comfortable. Imagine laying back in cozy leather seats with a refreshing aroma you can listen to your favorite music and enjoy a cold drink. The chauffeurs are usually guided to look after your every need. They are professional, courteous and give a high level of customer care.


You can gaze out the window and see people looking at your ride with awe. Enjoy the feeling of being pampered and spectacular. It does make quite a statement when you step out of a limousine.

Pre-event Party Limousine Sheer Luxury


Be it your prom, birthday or wedding, having your best friends in the same ride could mean a pre-party before the real deal where you are with your best friends or family. Enjoy a drink in the car, go over the last minute details with your bride maids, play a game or sing along with the music to your destination. The possibilities to have fun with style are endless.


Did you know that Love Limo has the only BMW 7 Series 750i Limousine in Australia?