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Different Types of Wedding Car and Wedding Limo Decorations

Many preparations for decorations have to be considered for a wedding.

Wedding Limo DecorationsThe bride and groom do not have to pay attention to details such as wedding car decorations as there are other people who take up these responsibilities. The best man or a close friend of the groom may decide to decorate the car though this is not the best solution most of the time!

Some may post signs such as “Just Married” or paste roses all over which may reduce the overall appeal and even annoy the married couple. If you are unsure on what to do, you can discuss the decorations with your bride-to-be or read this article to get different ideas for wedding limo decorations.

Tips and ideas on decorating wedding limos:

A limousine that is decorated with flowers looks stunning and appealing. This does not mean that the limo should be covered with orchids or roses. One of the simplest things to do is to tie a bouquet of flowers that you personally like on the hood of the car. Alternatively you can get a wreath that is shaped as a heart.

The handles of the wedding limo can be tied with small corsages. Spending money on fresh flowers can prove expensive, so consult a florist or professional decorator for the best ideas as you will want the limousine that you drive in with your bride to look elegant and decorative.

Ribbons and tulles:

Tulles and ribbons make pretty decorations for cars and these can be used alone or preferably with fresh flowers. Tulle streamers look pretty with colored or white ribbon flowers. The other option may be to tie some red ribbons that have been fixed with tulle flowers and fix it beneath the “Just Married” sign. These add color and look elegant and festive for a wedding.

Silk flowers:

Silk flowers look classy and are ideal for weddings celebrated formally. These types of flowers are available in different colors and the effect can be dramatic. Red and cream flowers in silk look beautiful when used as car decorations. Some people embellish these flowers with semi-precious stones and these have a stunning effect on the car.

Unique messages:

It is very trendy to write messages on cards using glass markers or liquid chalk. These messages should however be inoffensive and written in such a way that the driver’s view is not obstructed. Many people use this option as it is fun and they can write interesting quotes or advice for the married couple.

Decorating with balloons:

One of the cheapest ways of decorating wedding limos is to use balloons as decorations especially if the wedding is held in summer or by the beach. They are not a good option for an upscale or formal wedding.

Beer cans:

One of the traditions that have been practiced is bunching beer cans together on the “get away” vehicle. Colorful ropes and strings are used to fasten them to the bumper. If you are hiring an expensive limo, you may not be able to use certain decorations and will have to use only those suggested by the company.

Love Limo’s BMW limousine is ‘luxury class’ and therefore we recommend using stylish and elegant wedding limo decorations, such as white ribbons.  The ribbons can be customised with the bride and groom’s names or whatever you’d like on them.  Give us a call to discuss your wedding limo decorations.

Different types of Wedding Limo Decorations